The Company


Firmly established in the national market, MCLeça is a Portuguese company, set up in 1977 that creates, develops and manufactures different types of progressive equipment, templates, mass production of sheet metal pieces, manufacturing of high precision pieces, mechanical structures and mechanical iron mongering in general.

Our sustained growth has been in the areas of aromatic plants, precision machining, hydraulic lifting tables, industrial conveyors and the petrochemical industry.

The pillars on which our growth rests upon are the good relations we maintain with our clients, the quick and customised service, the capacity to respond swiftly and give specific quotes, great value for money as well as the dedication and professionalism rendered to all our projects and partnerships.

Internationalization is a big strategic plan, already in place, that confirms our capacity to grow with sustainability. We respond to specific demands with a wide range of high quality products.

In our areas of business, we have gathered all the conditions that allow us to study and find technical solutions for aour clients’ production needs.

We work with a large group of specialized distributors, both in sales and technical assistance, MCLeça is always near.

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