Aromatical and Medicinal Plants



Bio Rotational Cutting Machine


Pic.1- Bio Rotational Cutting Machine


The Bio Rotational Cutting Machine is lined with stainless steel (AISA304), and the parts that come in contact with the materials are also in accordance with the guidelines of the food industry (AISI 304).

The machine has a simple structure. It uses a horizontal system, and the material is placed in the entry compartment. It has a spindle with several blades that, with the centrifugal movement of a fixed blade, will cut the product and direct it towards the exit.

This Bio Rotational Cutting Machine is designed mainly for the grower that aims to get an homogenous product. We can use different screeners according to different dimensions. Obviously it can also be used simply as a Bio Rotational Cutting Machine, to shred thick materials.

The equipment was developed so that the plants, in the grinding process, do not reach temperatures that might cause them to lose their volotiles. The plants thus maintain their properties.


Pic.2- Data sheet

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