Aromatic and Medicinal Plants



Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Harvester


Fig.1- Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Harvester


With the growing development of AMPs (Aromatic and Medicinal Plants), there is the need to mechanize some of the processes.

Upon the request of some of the growers, MCLECA developed two machines, one standard and another automotive to havest/cut, ideal up to 10 hectares, that enables the execution of a quick cut and the automated storage of the plants in bags, thus reducing drastically the costs with manpower, as the cut of a ridge is reduced from one day (manual cut) to a few minutes. There’s a reduced effort and increased efficiency in the harvesting process, becoming an indispensable tool of great value.

The AMP harvesting machine is robust and easy to carry. It has a global automated system, consisting of a pair of double blades, at the front, to cut, a set of frontal spades that carry the plants to a motorised grille that in turn, will move them to a bag placed in the back of the machine.
The machine can be set at different heights and several accessories can be fitted.

Fig.2- Technical Data


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Automotive Harvester


Fig.1- Automotive Harvester


The Automotive Machine regardless of the soil inclination or the type of path to the grounds, is prepared to overcome any such difficulty. Saving the driver’s/operator’s effort, it is equipped with two bidirectional front wheels and a gear box with two forward gears and one to the rear, that greatly facilitate its handling.

Fig.2- Technical Data


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