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Hybrid black.block® Dryer


Pic.1- Hybrid black.block® Dryer



MCLeça To provide our partners with the best solutions, we would like to inform you of a new partnership between MCLeça and bLACK.bLOCK in industrial dryers. MCLeça will be responsible for sales and assistance in the north of the country. This equipment is innovative and will add value to the growers’ products.

bLACK.bLOCK® is the most energetically efficient solution for a good quality drying of food and agro industrial products, namely herbs, fruit, mushrooms, wood and cork.


The core of the system is the bLACK.bLOCK® programmer. Its algorithm enables, at any moment and automatically, the choice of the most efficient drying process. Thus, opportunistically, it chooses either hot air convection from the panels, air dehydration from a dehumidifier or air exchange with a thermal differential, using the hot air generated inside the drying chamber.


Regardless the absence or reduction of solar radiation at night or under rough weather, the bLACK.bLOCK® optimizes the use of solar energy over any other non-renewable source of energy, reducing energy use and CO2 emissions. bLACK.bLOCK® hybrid systems reduce energy costs in about 70% when compared with conventional systems. The 100% solar black.block® reaches total savings and autonomy, comparatively with a supplementary energy source, by using photovoltaic panels.


The software and app allow for the monitoring and parameterization of the drying programmes using a smartphone or a computer, give access to online temperature and relative humidity records and make it possible to export data to excel.

With 3 pre-defined drying programmes and a storage programme, bLACK.bLOCK® the drying technology with least initial investment, less energy consumption and the only one with internet access.


The bLACK.bLOCK® dryers were awarded the EDP Innovation Award that acknowledges technologic innovation projects for the energy sector, in the area of clean technologies (cleantech), in compliance with energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and the internet of things.


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