Industrial Conveyors


These equipments were created in more recent years. We manufacture conveyors such as belt, roller, inclined, jointed, straps, etc.
The application of these equipments has into consideration the optimization of the processes. Nowadays, in any industrial line, there is a conveyor to shorten production times and expedite processes.


Inclined conveyor




In this type of inclined conveyor we have a modular screen that allows for the transportation of food products, among others.

Roller conveyor

This is one of the most used conveyors, in which the rolls can be free or motorized.

  • Adjustable speed.
  • Solid structure.
  • Almost non-existent maintenance needs.

Efficient and competitive for small distances and several loads. They can easily be adjusted to any layout. These equipments reduce maintenance needs and allow for an increase in productivity. They are suitable for the transportation of a wide range of packages, from small boxes to big ones.

Metallic belt conveyor



Modular belt conveyor, in this case metallic, in which packages such as boxes and others can be transported.

Telescopic conveyor



Usually a large conveyor used mainly in silos, quarries, rice paddies, cotton and others. Transportation of bulk products. Loading and unloading trucks. . Storage.

Transfer Conveyor




This type of conveyor or system allows for the conjugation of different solutions so that the load can take different directions, according to what is intended.

Articulated conveyor belt



This conveyor belt was designed for the tyre industry. It has a fixed part and a articulated part. In this case, using pneumatics, the articulated part was made to have three positions.

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